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Most people tend to jump to the conclusion that somebody is trying to murder them magically but such is usually not the case at all.Real death spells take an incredibly amount of personal power and energy and most occult practitioners simply don't have the power or will to see such spells through.- Curses cast by someone who has been truly wronged, i.e.

Many people may wonder how to determine if one has been cursed or hoodooed.Another thing that is also commonly reported is repeated sickness and an illness that doctors cannot diagnose.- Most curses will eventually fade away with time, especially after the curse does what it was supposed to do.An example of this is a female co-worker who curses another female co-worker who is also her rival for a promotion.This said there are indeed cases where it is believed that a black magic practitioner just happened to invoke enough power to pull it off.)Some things to keep in mind:- Curses ebb and flow as well as come in waves.One might experience times where one thinks things are back to normal only to have another round of these unfortunate experiences.- With regard to a curse's effect on one's health, keep in mind that a curse will act on one's dispositions and weaknesses.

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