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It is said that the video was recorded in the drawing room or the living room of a house in the elite . Young people are searching it In Google search and it is widely available in recent times .

In You Tube there is also some videos of Akhi Alamgir.

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Akhi starred in the Bangla movie "Vaat De'' (give me food) as a child actress and won the national award.

Latest Photos of Bangla Movie Mahiya Mahi You'll see photos of Akhi Alamgir with a man named Rusho around the web. I've found a video clip where the woman looked like Akhi and the man looked like Rusho a little. Years back, a video leaked on the web claiming that was of Tinni Hillol and that couple had a lot similarities with Tinni-Hillol.

The caller most humbly approached that he thought Akhi's butt was full a bad smell and he intended to push into that. Khoshnur was a lyricist and Alamgir is one the handsome Bangla movie heroes of all time.

Though he is not that active these days; his masterpieces had made him a legend already.

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