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These old papers were found to contain clues, symbols and formulas pertaining to the Lost Dutchman Mine.As a writer for Desert USA, I've come across numerous references and stories associated with the Lost Dutchman Mine.For more than 120 years, the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine has haunted the minds and souls of treasure seekers throughout the world.Said to be the most famous lost mine of all time, it continues to draw prospectors to the Superstition Mountains of Arizona in search of its rich gold.This article is the first of three in which we will revisit the Legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine.We will present data discovered several years ago at a collector's garage sale of old books and notes.Many tales of the Lost Dutchman mention an Apache curse which protects the sacred burial ground of Apache Indians.This curse also protects the treasure of the Superstitions, whose secret location the Apache are said to know.

Which, or if, either version is correct, I leave to the reader's imagination.

One version says the Peralta expedition consisted of two groups, the Gonzales group and the Peralta group.

It was the Gonzales group that was massacred by the Apaches while the Peraltas made a safe return to Sonora loaded with gold.

There is evidence of a skirmish between the Spaniards and the Apaches at the area of the said massacre.

Since the turn of the century, remnants of mining equipment, high-grade gold ore, old guns, weapons, gear and a pack train have been discovered at the site.

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