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Chaos servers are "in the very early testing phase" and are undergoing a number of changes due to player feedback and the team has more plans to further continue to tweak systems and features over time.The Dark & Light forum has been updated with a new post to reveal the first information about Chaos Servers, a new type of Pv P-only server that will provide data and feedback for the dev team.

Casters feature in our next 1v1 archetpye this coming Sunday (Oct 22nd, 3PM EST/9PM CET) and there is still time to signup, for Casters and all remaining Archetypes.

As information is compiled, devs will "help inform Pv P balancing and content development plans".

There will be a number of changes on Chaos Servers, most specifically to experience rates, structure health and creature levels. Over the next weeks, the Dark & Light team will be releasing more information about big things coming to the game.

The realm bonuses and traveling merchants have been extended until Monday, November 6th to accomodate the downtimes over the month of October, enjoy!

The Ywain and Gaheris servers will be coming down tomorrow, October 31st ( AM EST / AM GMT) to perform Amazon Server Hosting maintenance.

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In addition to the maintenance, the Dragon Curse Chapter 9 encounter and the following Rv R, class changes, and bug fixes will go live when the servers are back online.