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Dating in winter

So he can vouch for the whole survival aspect of seasonal dating.

“Winter is actually life-threatening here,” he says.

This fear-mongering winter phenomenon has even been dubbed “cuffing season,” the act of locking down with someone for fear of spending long, cold, winter nights alone.

Patrick Waring, 26, lives and dates in Madison, Wisconsin, where the winter windchill once dipped to—wait for it—83 degrees below zero.Furthermore, there is nothing more disempowering then sitting at home wishing you could meet “someone.” Get out there and make that a possibility. You may not be interested in which teams are playing, but there's a good chance the guys at the bar will be.Make a commitment to schedule a happy hour, go see some live music, watch a hockey game at the local watering hole, go dancing, or take a class at least once a week. Making the first move is not about hitting on a guy; it’s about engaging with them.Leaving yourself open to the possibility of meeting a nice guy while you are out living your life is a much healthier mentality than living your life to meet a nice guy.Do things that you do anyway, like catch up with friends and try new things.

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When you are grabbing a drink with a friend at a bar, remember that you are there to catch up with your friend, while allowing for the possibility of meeting someone new.

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  1. You know that beginning stage of a relationship, when you feel like you've met someone that you connect with on a million different levels, and you feel like you can share just about everything with them?