Dating old photos of children metal dating websites

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Dating old photos of children

Knowing when a photograph was taken, where it was taken – together with the details of the image itself – often make it possible to decide who the sitter really is. Sometimes it can even confirm that it is NOT who you think it is! There can be so many clues which, when all taken together, can give you a very accurate result.

It’s an electric train set with real street lights.By the 20th century, artificial, aluminum-based tree trimmings had replaced natural garland made from cranberries and popcorn. The FDA didn’t restrict the sales of lead-based tree materials until 1971.Clothing Bobbed hairstyles for girls became popular about 1915 and remained in style throughout the estimated time frame for this picture.Unfortunately many old family photographs are not annotated with the sitter’s name. Will dating my old photograph help me to decide who the subject is?Because of this, these are the questions we get asked again and again. Yes, an accurate date does help to pinpoint who the subject/s of the photograph might be.

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