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The Fair Oaks Bridge’s usefulness, however, diminished with the construction of bridges at Watt Avenue (to the west) in 1959 and Hazel Avenue (to the east) in 1967, as well the widening of the Sunrise Bridge (less than half a mile west) in 1968.

These metal truss bridges, especially the Pratt and Warren trusses, facilitated the enormous expansion of railroad lines in the late 19th century and were instrumental in turn-of-the-century highway construction as well.

The bridge is also a rare example of the Western Bridge and Construction Company of Omaha that built truss bridges throughout the West but only rarely in California.

A truss bridge is any bridge whose individual members are connected in a triangular pattern.

In the summer of 1901 the spur and railroad station were built. The spur to the main line of the Southern Pacific Railroad Co.

helped Fair Oaks farmers and fruit companies prosper by enabling growers to distribute fresh fruit to a vast market.

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