Dating the sargon legend

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Dating the sargon legend

The text was probably constructed by the 8th century BC king, Sargon II, as a way to legitimize his reign.

There are many internal and external signs which point in this direction, but none of it is conclusive.

Sargon and Moses share about 6 in common, according to Lewis.

Lewis then discusses the motif more and conjectures at what the Ur-form of the motif might look like, the ultimate archetype on which all exposed-hero tales are ultimately based.

Lewis also looks at the exposed-hero motif, finding roughly 70 examples of this motif in various texts cross culture, time, and from around the world.

The exposed-hero motif is what Sargon is an early example of.

Why would this mean that Exodus 2 wasn’t based on historical fact?Lewis then discusses the relationship between the Moses birth story and the Sargon Legend for a few pages. At the end of the day this was a good read purely for its esoteric and unique subject matter.It also was relevant for apologetics in that some liberal and minimalist atheologians will use the Sargon Legend to debunk the historicity of (at least) Exodus 2. Lewis offers some conjectural arguments, based on a lot of "possibles," and "seems likelies," but at the end of the day even he concedes that Moses might "just as easily" be based on another exposed-hero legend other than Sargon.So it will be hard to get your hands on unless you find it at a library.The book is a study of the seventh century BC text which purports to be an autobiography of the extraordinary birth of the famous third-millennium king, Sargon of Akkad.

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The text claims that Sargon's mother abandoned him on a river in a basket waterproofed with bitumen, he was pulle This is an arcane book, probably not relevant for most people, or even on their radar.

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