Gay bear online dating sites

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Gay bear online dating sites

With #grindroutage 2016 over and done with, we can now go back to normal... Not only was it down for several hours, it also happened to be down on a Saturday of all days!It caused a mass panic on Twitter, some of which were done in tongue in cheek fashion.such as being able to locate other bears throughout the world.Unlike Scruff, you can show more then one photo without having to unlock them.if this becomes a recurring pattern, they have a very good chance of losing people to other apps.

1) Scruff A strong alternative for Grindr, and in many ways, a superior version of the app.

2) Growlr A more niche driven app for Bears and those that love them.

The color scheme is a contrast to that of Scruff's, but it does utilize some of the same benefits as Scruff..

It's a great tool to use when planning a trip to know whether you'll be striking it rich, or coming up empty.

The only downside is that you can't filter based on age unless you have a paid membership for the app.

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