Internet dating mentally ill dating sites bad idea

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Ultimately, after many conversations, he realized how special Esti is and was undaunted by the challenges her illness might bring their way.They got married and are living happily with mutual support and honest conversations.You’ve learned to live with your illness and the challenges it brings.“These experiences have enabled you to help yourself and others in ways nobody else can.It would be much more worrisome for someone to get married when they don’t know how to manage their illness.Your adversity will be an asset to the marriage, not a hindrance.For mental illness support or more information on de-stigmatizing mental illness in the Jewish community please visit Refuat *Names and details have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved.

Tell it to him like it is and explain how you overcome the obstacles.” I could sense Esti’s despondency starting to lift.I have a psychiatrist and a therapist to deal with my mental health issues, so by all means I am taking care of myself.However, my circumstances don’t seem the most appealing.Because of the degree of my health issues, I’ve found that it interferes with my ability to work.I always needed more medication to deal with on-the-job stress and felt less like a functioning person.

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“You know, God gives us lots of struggles and I am genuinely inspired by the way you handle yours with such grace.