Is arie dating anyone now

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Is arie dating anyone now

It doesn't seem like she's had a 1-on-1 yet though, unless she gets one this or had one last week, so she might be as big of a frontrunner as many suspected.I think the girl that got to see his house/got private concert (which likely happened week 3) is probably the frontrunner and that cant be Caroline.Seriously Arie, we really need a flow chart to see how this breaks down.And as if all that wasn’t complicated enough to understand, we know just prior to the show Arie apparently had to get a new tattoo to cover up the tattoo that once had an ex’s name on it.He is dressed in a three-piece suit while the women are dressed to the nines, but really, who cares, because there are 12 unbelievably cute dogs being leash-led with huge smiles on their furry faces.

appears to be strutting through downtown Los Angeles while on a dog-walking group date.

RS claims the girls Arie was dating were all under the age of 24, and Arie is 30 (gasp! So, it’s no surprise that an insider is now telling Allegedly, Arie was spotted with a 20-year-old girl named Stephanie between New Year’s Eve and the time he began filming the show.

He was also reportedly seeing two other girls: a 21-year-old named Courtney and a 22-year-old named Brittany.

“spent the better part of an hour together drinking coffee” …

“They obviously had great affection for each other, and Arie kept reaching over to touch her hands.

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When they were done, he put his arm around her and they headed down the street.” Ok, first of all you gotta love it when anyone describes you as “enjoying” or just uses the word “enjoying” as an adjective in any sentence.