Speed dating and the rules of attraction

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Speed dating and the rules of attraction

has several definitions for the word, including: “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties,” “attraction based on sexual desire” and “a tennis score.” Even though most people understand these definitions, they don’t entirely agree on what they mean or how they apply to the individual within a culture.Love is a personal concept—and therefore is subjective—and that concept evolves throughout our entire lives as we fall into, out of and back into it again.The findings confirm the cliché of "feminine beauty plus masculine money equals love", famously lampooned by the parody chat-show host Mrs Merton when she asked the dancer Debbie Mc Gee: "What first attracted you to short, balding millionaire Paul Daniels?"They also seem to bless the Daniels-Mc Gee union, along with that of Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula 1 chief, and Slavica, the former Armani model; Howard Stern, the controversial American disc jockey, and Beth Ostrosky, the model; and many more besides.Speed dating is the perfect way to meet lots of new people in just one night.The format involves a series of 3-4 minute dates with up to 20 single professionals. Busy lives result in the need for affordable, fun, safe and time savvy ways to meet like-minded people. When you arrive, our lovely host will welcome you and sign you in.A woman is attracted to a man who makes her laugh, and a man likes a woman who laughs at his jokes.Brain scans of people who'd recently fallen in love reveal more activity related to love than sex, illustrating that romantic love is a much more powerful experience than sex drive.

The “rules of attraction” include external factors such as looks, personality and perceived potential, as well as internal variables such as hormone levels and attention span.

Speed Dater launched way back in 2002 and is the leader in the UK singles events market. Your badge will match a table in the room and usually the ladies stay seated while the men rotate about every 3-4 mins.

Our guests LOVE our events, we've had 1000s of positive reviews. You will have a card to mark down if you are interested in the people you meet. It’s the perfect amount of time to leave you wanting more, or if you’re not hitting it off then onto the next!

Once you have entered you ticks you will see if you match with anyone. Our database is brimming with “busy professionals” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by who you meet.

Remember it's FREE to send/read messages to/from all the guests you have met at the event through our secure website. If you don't meet at least one person you'd like to see again your next event is FREE! Remember that everyone is there for the same reason – to meet new people, expand their social circles and maybe even meet someone special.

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