Tom higgenson dating delilah updating social networks

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Tom higgenson dating delilah

We have a lot of history; I’ve known her since I was 11 or 12.

I wasn’t really emotionally available to her at the time.

But even with songs like ‘Boomerang’ that are not necessarily all about being young or being a kid, I still had that theme in the back of my head.” That sense of adventure translated to the stylistic side, too.

Any fans who go looking for the hard-rocking pop-punk the group originally became known for as a Warped Tour favorite, or the acoustically based love songs that newcomers came to expect after “Delilah” and “1,2,3,4,” will find something to their liking here. represents a drastically richer sonic experience than anything the T’s went for on any of their five prior releases.

“The entire show has pirate ships, clowns and carousel horses coming up and going back into the pool, and at one point there’s a piano that comes up out of the water, and it was really epic,” he says.

It was only over the last year or so that I’ve realized what I walked away from.The need to hold onto or reclaim the marvels of youth is a determined thread running through the band’s third Hollywood Records release, Wonders of the Younger.Even the love songs that don’t directly deal with the ostensible theme of mentally dialing back the aging process have references to nostalgia, childhood lost, or innocence regained.Ironically, on an album that in some ways is deeply concerned with resisting the wiles of “maturation,” the band’s sound has grown exponentially more sophisticated.“The scope is a lot bigger than anything we’ve done before,” Higgenson says.

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Plain White T's shined with a gift from the past at this year's APMAs, offering up a performance of their decade-old, classic song, "Hey There Delilah."Grab a box of tissues, and watch the intimate set below.