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There are a lot of options here, but there's serious danger in using the wrong structures.Let's take a look at the right (and wrong) ways to determine link numbers.We've been getting a lot of questions in Q A and on the road at events like last week's Miva Merchant conference, Online Marketing Summit and the YCombinator conference about how to properly paginate results for search engines.In this post, we'll cover the dangers, opportunities and optimization tactics that can best ensure success. These practices aren't just good for SEO, they're great for usability and user experience too!The first version was written in the programming language Perl, which was called Logic Enhanced HTML (LEHTML).Joseph Austin wrote a wrapper for it in the programming language C that let it start off as a root process and then downgrade itself immediately to the ownership and permissions of the owner of the script file.Many web hosting companies support Miva Script on their servers, but it is significantly less widespread than other popular web languages.The origins of Miva Script began in 1993 when David Haldy and Joseph Austin built the first version of HTMLScript.

Also notce that I've made the titles on results pages sub-optimal to help dissuade the engines from sending traffic to these URLs, rather than the top page (which is made to be the better "landing" experience for users).

If/when you create these systems, employ javascript/AJAX (either with or without the hash tag) to make the pages reload without creating a separate URL.

(the Google Analytics interface allows users to choose the number of rows shown, though they don't have to worry much about crawlability or search-friendliness) Also remember that the "default" number of results shown is what the search engines will see; so make that count match your goals for usability and SEO.

Hence, pages that contain many hundreds or thousands of links may inadvertently be hurting the access of search engines to the content-rich pages in the list making pagination essential.

We know that sometimes pagination is essential - one page of results just doesn't cut it in every situation.

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But just how many links to content should the average category/results page show?

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