Updating quantum cryptography and communications 2016

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Updating quantum cryptography and communications 2016

We study the possibility of performing covert quantum key distribution (QKD) and show that positive key rates and covertness can be achieved simultaneously.Covert communication requires a secret key between the sender and receiver, which raises the problem of how this key can be regenerated covertly.Technologies designed specifically for space tend to be of an older generation.

The message itself is sent via conventional wire and fiber.And the satellite must do this over and over again for a stream of individual polarized photons.The stream represents a key for encrypting a message.Com Dev, in Cambridge, Ont., would package the system as an inexpensive microsatellite and send it into orbit as a secondary payload on someone else’s rocket.If it works, Com Dev could refine the design and soon have more ready to go up with the next available launch.

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Otherwise you see nothing,” says Fabio Sciarrino, a quantum optics physicist at Sapienza Università di Roma. Quantum cryptography satellites must be able to detect a single photon beamed from Earth against a background flooded with photons.