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which guide whether the permission-less use of a copyrighted work is fair.

This means that fair use can evolve and change over time; it also means that the only real way to find out if something is “fair use” is to ask a federal court.

Packer mixes anecdotes about the people he met in Togo with political observations (notably harsh criticisms of Togolese President Gnassingbe Eyadema) and many of the lessons he learned while serving.

In an afterword to the most recent (2001) edition, Packer follows up with many of the characters from the original version and reflects upon the changes Togo has experienced since his time there.

To some digital-rights followers, the Google Books case had seemed to drag on forever: The Authors Guild first filed suit 10 years ago.

Searches of out-of-print books often yield mere snippets of the text—there is no way to gain access to the whole book.But that agreement then came under further attacks from a whole new set of critics, including the author Ursula Le Guin, who called it a “deal with the devil.” Others argued that the settlement could create a monopoly in online, out-of-print books.Four years ago, a federal judge sided with the critics and threw out the 2008 settlement, adding that aspects of the copyright issue would be more appropriately decided by the legislature.Using a complex mechanism, it would allow the owners of scanned, out-of-print libraries, such as Google or actual non-profits like the Hathitrust library, to make a limited set of them available with payouts to authors.The United States Copyright Office supports this plan.

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There are plenty of ways to attribute blame in this situation.

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