Who is ivy dating on 90210

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Who is ivy dating on 90210

He crashed his car into her, forgot who she was when he bumped into her at school, then swiftly dated her for a brief period before getting bored and opting for Silver instead because who gives a shit about Rhonda, right?It’s a golden rule of attempted suicide in Los Angeles that you have to do it by jumping off the Hollywood sign, which by all intents and purposes isn’t actually Also, special mention for the storyline in which Silver hires a Private Investigator to follow Teddy and find out whether he’s serious about their relationship. Well, Liam, this is the real world: your dad’s an arsehole, and no amount of precious metals is going to change that. In a show where they can manage to wrangle cameos from Fall Out Boy and That Bloke Off Entourage™ Adrian Grenier, you’d think 90210 would be able to come up with a real celebrity instead of suave Latin popstar Javier.

Taylor's coming for 2018 too with a Platinum version of her critically acclaimed new album.And yet, the most ridiculous thing about Oscar isn’t his completely unexplained disappearance after half a season; nor is it his in-at-the-deep-end English accent which makes him sound like Jack Skellington.It’s almost like he’s being played by a second-rate actor from Atlanta, Georgia. We’re not sure what the people of Britain ever did to the writers of 90210, but whatever it was it resulted in one of the only two British characters being a rapist and the other being a man who simultaneously beds a mother and her daughter while wearing outfits like this.Nope, the most ridiculous thing about Oscar is the way he catches sexual predator Mr Cannon, speedily identifying his supposed Essex accent as phoney. The fact he feels like he has to keep the relationship a secret “for his reputation” makes me want to punch him.Seriously, imagine Naomi turning up to the cinema to meet you and your sweaty virgin friends like this and having the audacity to laugh her out of the building.

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It seems like everywhere you turn these days, there's one Chris or another plastered across a TV screen or on the cover of a magazine.