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Www datingworld rua myprofile

I am on two different dating sites right now, also common these days. I’ve found though that while I’m an incredible multi-tasker in my day job, and in my busy life, I’m really not that great at juggling multiple conversations with many men.

Some stick with one and others are on multiple sites of course. It just feels very weird and keeping track of who is who can be tricky and time consuming.

Many, many years ago, I held a baby tiger in Thailand.

I have always felt guilty that I have helped in that way to keep animal captivity for tourist trade going…but there are so many men in the here and now posing with live big cats, mostly tigers, sedated for this very purpose.

Rightly or wrongly it’s viewed as an advertisement that guys are just seeking casual sex, or they are seen to be narcissistic or arrogant.Something else that really struck me too was how many men have photos with their children on their profiles.My best male friend assures me women do this often too, and that he finds it particularly creepy.Is this common place profile picture meant to portray the “hunter” in men and perhaps play to the “gatherer” instincts of women?Draping yourself over an animal in captivity does not make you seem more strong and sexually appealing.

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When I first entered the online dating arena years ago, I would have thought that was the norm.